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Please enjoy some samples of our work. Go Active Media website designs offer the latest features available for content rich and Google friendly site design. From shopping cart systems to very large featured photo gallery pages and more Go Active Media is you choice for quality website design.

The Grand Beach Weddings website is a custom wordpress website.

This website features a front page contact us area. A background slideshow being feed from Smugmug for photos, large photo gallery's, A build your own wedding package custom system for customers to pick and customize their wedding package. It also features many extra town pages for towns they work in and a side bar live chat to talk with customers when they are on the website and a custom call not cell phone button.

Auto Key Pro

The Auto Key Pro website is a custom WordPress website.

This website is for one of our Canadian customers. The site features a home page top image slider with logo image, A wide format design that is responsive to all devices,  16 extra town areas are set up, Large map at the bottom of the home page, Google places reviews setup on the home page, Many custom pages with images, Testimonials page for taking live reviews. Contact page with map, Customized bottom footer area of site.

ShoFight MMA

The ShoFight website is a custom WordPress website.

MMA Fighting at its best this website features a home page slideshow with text overlay, A featured area for each new fight event poster, A Facebook photo feed and a Facebook posts feed, Ticket sales in shopping cart system, Fight Champions page and Hall of fame fighters page, Past events posters pages with pop up images, News blog and contact page.

Wedding Signs And More

The Wedding Signs website is a custom WordPress website.

This is a site designed for selling wedding and other home decor signs. The site features a Ecwid shopping cart system with custom home page images linking to shopping cart items,  Order a wedding signs filter page to find items to buy, Full check out pages, Photo image blog page setup, Contact us page and lots on content and items for sale.

Cliff Ritchie Entertainer

The Cliff Ritchie website is a custom WordPress website.

Clif Ritchie is a popular singer entertainer. This site features a responsive box design with home page youtube video and a full youtube video page. Other pages include full photo gallery with pop up images, Different services pages for the different kind of locations he works at, News blog and contact us page.

Crystal River Weddings

The Crystal River Wedding Service website is a custom WordPress website.

This site has a lot packed into it starting with a full screen home page slide show being feed from a Smugmug gallery, Full wide design, Animated flying in content block areas, Very feature rich wedding contact fill in forum, Custom wedding packages pages, Very large photo gallery page with links to different gallery's with over 600 photos in them and more.

Barkers Lock Service

The Barkers Lock Service website is a custom WordPress website.

A dark blue themed locksmith site with top header the shrinks up as the page is scrolled on larger devices, Full page design with lots of images and graphics, Page section effects, Thirteen extra town pages for areas he works in, Many service feature pages, news page and contact page.  Pages re set for cell phone use with added call now button for cell phone view.

Magic City Photo Booths

The Magic City Photo Booths website is a custom WordPress website.

This is one of our older WordPress designs it features background textures and top logo, Rental information page, New blog page, Photo gallery pages, Video page with youtube video, About us and contact page.

Branson Cedar Signs

The Branson CedarSigns website is a custom WordPress website.

One of our older designs that is still on page one in Google this site features a boxed design with wood background texture, Large portfolio page of imafes for signs, News blog,  FAQs page, About us page and contact page. Also has a right side bar layout with mini image gallery.

Dallas Wedding Planning

The Dallas wedding Planing website is a custom WordPress website.

A feature packed responsive site. This site has a home page blog design with top images that link to a Ecwid shopping cart system. The site also has a wedding directory list and sign up area for new customers, Right side bar advertising areas, Custom buttons linking to service providers, Shopping area page with full check out system, Custom made add a listing page, Top of page add listing button and contact page.

A 1 Mobile Lock & Key

The A 1 Mobile Lock And Key website is a custom WordPress website.

A high ranking in Google local locksmith website featuring a max of a boxed and wide color area design, Home page custom designed top banner image, Lots of pages of content, News blog, Drop down menu item pages, FAQs slide open page, Contact page with local map. Top right of page header text information, Full responsive site.