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SEO stands for search engine optimization.What is it? SEO is the life blood for your website how it works is when someone enters in a search word or phrase in to a search engine like Google this is how you website is found by Google or not found.

Being found is what you want to get customers and make sales or not being found is having a website that dose you no good as if your website can not be found easy then you will not have new customers find you.

SEO is a many part plan that is custom created just for your website starting with on page optimization and photo and image optimization  then expanding out so sites like Google know what your website business is about and how to help people find it.


We have been doing SEO for over 15 years and have seen it change a lot over time and we stay up on the latest trends and Google recommended features.

Our plan starts with doing research and analysis on your competitors websites to see what they are showing up good for and what main key words they are using the most to attract new customers.



Research and analysis of your competitors websites

Before we start your SEO success plan we first spend time looking at and doing research into your competitors websites to see what they show up well for and what key words they are showing up for. We also look for any pay for click campaigns they are running and the key words they are using for them as well.

After we have all this information we can then create a custom SEO plan for your website using many of the same key words so you can be competitive with them and generate more business and income from new customers finding your website. 

On page optimization

On page optimization is changing words or word phrases on your website so they are more friendly for being searched for like adding in missing key words or adding in important town and location information in the right format. This also included changing the names of photos and image graphics. On page optimization is one of the most important first steps that can be done as the start of a good SEO plan. This included not only the home page but all pages on the site need to be Optimized.

Page Speed optimization

Page speed optimization is needed now days more then ever for both desktop and for cell phone users. Search sites like Google as part of ranking your website also look at page loading speed the faster the site is the better your grade is and this is just another part of the puzzle that adds up to your site showing up better for searches.

We will optimize your images and content so it loads as fast as possible and to make your site load even faster on cell phone we will block out some larger items that take to long to load on cell phones and replace them with faster loading smaller images so your cell phone customers can get a fast loading page and you make Google Yahoo and all the others happy to.

Blog posts the king of content

Blog posts can be an amazing SEO tool as the more content you add to your site the more search engines like your site as they like new fresh content. So we will create quality blog posts that feature your business and the key words your business is going after in the right format and may included a image as well.

New blog posts will be feed into your site on a regular bases so you have new updated content coming in all the time. We encourage you to also add in blog posts as you can as often as you can to keep your site fresh and in the eye of the search sites.

Social network linking and posting

If you do not have a social site like Facebook we will create one for you and link your website to it and post content to the social site relating it to your website. If you do have some social sites already we can link them to your site and add in new content.

Other features include building your website site map and adding in Schema markup a new Google sponsored markup to help them understand more about your website.

Quality back links to your website

A back link is a link to your website from another website. The more links you have the more it tell search sites like Google and yahoo that other people like your site so much that they linked to it and this gives your website more power to rank higher in a search. 

As part of your SEO plan we will give you a few back links from some of our sites that are older well established sites to kick things off. We will also work on finding you some related back links. A related back link is a link from another website that has related content and a related topic the same as yours. This kind of back link is graded higher as it is coming from a related site with content like yours so by keeping in the same topic the link value is much higher. Some times based on what your business topic is this can be very hard to find as the other site must agree to link back to your site so we do the best we can on this for you. 

Photo and video content

Your photos and site images need to be named right so we will do that for you included in your plan. It is a good thing to get your photos in Google images - Google images is a place that shows images related to your topic and many times your town area. By having some of your photos showing up in Google images this helps your website as each image is also included a direct link back to your website. May people now days search in Google images when looking for a business ot service to hire so you do not want to be left out.

Video content in the form of a Youtube video on your website is a good thing to have. We recommend at least one Youtube video on your site but you can have a gallery full of them as well. It is important to know that Google owns Youtube so when you have a Youtube account and link a video from that account back into your website this shows Google that you are even more active with content on your topic and then can give your site some more search power plus you get the powers from the video itself.

We know everyone dose not have a video. If we are in the area we can produce one for you for a small fee or we can make one using photos you provide making a video slide show to place in your Youtube account to link into your site.

Another feature we can set up is a live playing video as a background on your site like on our home page. This is set to only work on larger devices so it will not show on cell phones do to loading speed and the format size of the video. This is being linked into the site from Youtube.

How long dose it take?

Their is no real way to replay to this as so many factors come into to pay like the kind of business you have, your town location, how much competition your have and more. SEO is a never ending work that should be ongoing for the life of the website.

Most sites will see some positive results after the first month or two.

Then you should keep seeing more and more results each month as we re-work the site as we do ongoing testing to see what is working best for your site. Also over time the blog posts and social sites and linked sites all start working all this takes time to get indexed and be counted.


Our SEO services are very custom designed for each site we work on. Some sites will take a lot more work then others and take a lot longer to get great results. So our pricing is based on different levels of sites for example it can be a lot more easy to do SEO on a website that is competing in a local town area then a site that is going after a worldwide market.

Our SEO plans start at $200 to $600 a month and may be higher based on your site and its needs. It is a lot of work we will be doing and this is ongoing work we must track and keep under control.



$200 TO $600 A MONTH
  • Full SEO plan for your website price based on your site and its needs
  • Research and analysis of your competitors
  • On page optimization
  • On going Blog posts
  • Social network linking
  • Quality back links to your website
  • Photo and video content formatting
  • Page speed optimization


The best way to understand SEO to to think like you are a Librarian. What dose a Librarian do when they get a new book in that needs to be added to the library?

They index the new book into the library system so when someone comes in and searches for a book on a topic they are looking for that book can be found and the location of the book can be easy found on the shelf it is set to.

Now how dose that relate to your website or any website? Its easy if you look at your website like being a book full of information and photos and you wanted to get your book indexed into the library it is very much the same as getting your website indexed into a search engine lets take a look.

A Librarian looks at the books cover to see what the book is about and looks at the back of the book and that tells them even more about what the books content is about, They look at the books date and the author and use all this information to come up with the placement they will give the book in the library system.

Now to your website a search engine like Google and others is like a library that is online and in place of books it indexes websites into their system making it easy for people to find what they are looking for.

They look at your website content and images information and look for things like what is this website about, What town do they work out of and What products or services do they offer. But they also look for how many words are on your home page and other pages that provide the sites information, How the photos and images are named, how many pages is the website, how many blog posts dose it have with content that is close to the other pages on the site, Dose it have any good comments on the site from real customers, Do other websites back link to your site and do the other sites offer similar content, Are social media sites linking to your site and talking about you, How fast dose your website load in for desktop users and then cell users, is your website design responsive for cell users and many other factors all come into play.

Lets use a made up example a website called lets say bobs business is in a town called happyland.

So when people do a internet search for fishing trips in happyland bob wants his website to show up for that word phrase so new customers find his website and call him and pay him for a fishing trip. But Bob also want to show up for other words people might search for like, Happyland fishing trips, fishing in Happyland, Happyland fishing tours, saltwater fishing in Happyland, Live bate shop in Happyland, deep sea fishing boats in Happyland and so on.

So on Bobs website he needs to have all this information on his seo-sizedwebsite and in the right way for Google and others to know what his site is about and the town he works in so the site can be indexed right and found easy.

Bobs website needs to have text content that talks about him being a Happyland fishing boat tours business in fact it would be best to talk a lot about this the more the better and bob needs to include the other key words on his home page as well as part of the text copy like deep sea fishing, live bate shop and so on. Then the images on Bobs site should be named right so Google images can find them and know how to use them and index them to show up in Google images that gives Bob a free photo link back to his website from Google. Bobs website also needs to load fast and work good for cell phone users.

This all sounds easy but it is not do to the fact that Bob has 40 other fishing tour boat businesses in Happyland that are all competing for his customers. So what Bob needs to do is make sure his website is better and more optimized then all the others or Bob can miss out on business and money.

To do this Bob Hires Us Go Active Media to re-do his website to a  new one that Google and other search site like more then Bobs competitors. We also get Bob some good quality back links and add new blog posts into Bobs site that are worked up to feature his business in a good way and feature all the main key words people use to find him, We also create Bob a site map and get Bob a Facebook  business pages and link it all together to create a outstanding SEO plan that we keep working on to make sure Bob rocks the boat with a ton of new and repeat customers. And to help Bob book all the new jobs we add in a custom booking system so customers can book their fishing trip right on the website making it easy for Bobs customers to book with him even after hours 24/7.

The down side for Bob or should we say up side is now Bob had to buy a few more boats and hire more captains to drive them with all the new extra business and money he is making.