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The Interwebsite-designnet is the fastest growing form of all media. Over 75% of consumers visit a company’s web site before making their purchase. Having an attractive, user friendly quality website is the key to every businesses success. We build/create custom web sites. Purchasing a web design from Go Active Media means every aspect of your site was created specifically for you and your business needs.

Go Active Media incorporates the most innovative technology of Webweb-development Developing expertise to custom create every website we make. Using the new responsive website designs or a standard HTML site to a full blown shopping cart site we have the experience to do it right and get your new or re-designed site working for you in a positive way. Your new website will be the most up-to-date, feature rich custom tailored web site on the Internet.

We use  many design tools when crafting your new website including programs like Photoshop for all the custom photo and design editing.

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Page layouts are the key to the look and feel of your website and how you content and photos are displayed to the end user on different devices from desktop computers to cell phones. The page layout is you friend and provides your customers with a visual experience when viewing your website..

We love showing what we can do for you so we created a full page of just layouts for you to view and some links to other page layouts like a custom full page photo gallery and more. You can even pick a layout area you like and we can use that style and look when making your new website.

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Go Active Media provides web hosting for all our customers and we have a proven track record of security, dependability, and 99.9% “up time”.

Hosting for new websites we design starts at a low monthly cost of only $12 a month and includes FREE updates for WordPress  and your WordPress themes and web hosting server upgrades. Website content updates will be billed at a fee based on the amount of work needed and the time it takes. Some basic updates may be FREE. See our website management page for full on going management plans.

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Social Networking has taken the word by storm. With the popularity of sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn, Your business can benefit from Social Networking Go Active Media specializes in Social Netwok integration, customization and marketing so your website works well with all your social sites to help generate you more business and contacts.

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Website management is when we do day to day, week to week or month to month content and photo updates for your website and do new backups of your site after each update.

It is easy to set up you pick a management plan and then you send us the new information for your website and we do all the heavy lifting for you doing all the updates and management on your site so you don't have to and do not need to learn how it even works and spend the time it takes to do all the updates and management we do it all for you this is what we do so let us help and do it for you.

We Offer Full Website Management Read More About It


As part of many website designs we will have to create a new custom site element or a mix of photos and text to create a graphic element that will be used on your website. We have been working with Photoshop for well over 15 years and can create anything that is needed for your site but we also can design business cards, flyers and other promotional items for your business and brand. Photography and Video services also available.

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Optimization is one of the most important keys to web design. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is defined as the process of improving a web site’s rank or position within search results for specific keywords using unpaid or organic methods.

We have been doing Search Engine Optimization for a very long time and fully understanding what it takes to help your website move to the top as fast as it can and stay their so you reap all the benefits of a well placed website with a lot of traffic that can turn into more sales.

We can show you many websites that we have done and their Google placement to show you that we have a lot of page one sites in Google to prove we do know what we are doing when it comes to Search Engine Optimization and you have found the right partner to work with to take your website to new heights. We can also work with you to set up Google Adwords for the best key words for your business and set up the full Adword campaign.

High Quality Search Engine Optimization Read More About It


Backing up your website can be a lifesaver so if by chance something dose go wrong or your site gets hacked by a unknown person we can re-load your site backup and get your full website back up and running fast.

How our backups work: First after we create your new website we do a backup on it right then and we save that for you as long as you are one of our customers. If you are on any of our management plans highly recommended even the lowest base plan we will back up your site after each update we do so your back up is always current and ready to go.

If you are not on our management plan we will still have your original starting out backup but it will be up to you to do any newer backups after you add in any new content or make any changes to your website as we will not know when you do this.

We do offer a anytime backup plan so at any time that you want us to do a backup on your site you can put in a request and pay the one time each time backup fee of $30 and we will do a new backup on your site for you.


What the heck is a premium plugin you might be asking yourself?

First a  plugin is a extra feature that is added to your website giving it more functions like a photo gallery, slide show or one of many thousands of other plugin that can be added to your site to expand its functions.

Some plugins are free to use on your website they are not premium plugins and have no extra cost to use them. But many free plugins are a striped down versions of a premium paid plugin so many times they just will not cut it for real use on your website do to the features that are striped out.

A premium plugin is the paid version that has all the features working as they should. Most premium plugins are paid for on a year to year use licence so each year you need to pay for another year of use and this included all new updates for that next year as well. Premium plugins can range in price from $10 a year on up to hundreds of dollars a year based on what it dose.

Go Active Media has all ready paid for many premium plugins by buying life time use licences or we pay on going yearly update fees so our customers have the benefit of not needing to pay any extra fee each year for the use of the many premium plugin we have access to.

If your website dose need a custom premium plugin that we do not currently have full access to as part of our plugin collection we or you can buy the plugin for use on your site and then each year you will be responsible for paying the year to year fees for its use.